Sean Paul Redding


 Sean Paul Redding

Sean Paul is an award winning personal chef whose client list includes international A-list celebrities. His versatility allows him to meet his client’s various dietary needs in a way that does not compromise flavour and interest.

The Guardian newspaper has described Sean Paul's food as "finely judged and artful"!

He is self-taught and his culinary identity began flourishing from the age of 15.  He was born in Dallas Texas and spent his summers with his Grandmother in Louisiana. Her Cajun cooking was inspirational. 

His first job in the UK was assisting in Notting Hills “Books for Cooks” kitchen. Here he was exposed to many cookery writers that intensified his passion.  He proved himself as a competent caterer when he performed onsite catering for the BBC. As the proprietor of the Diorama Arts Centre he gained a reputation as an innovative vegetarian chef.  He spent time working for La Caprice Holdings under Mark Hicks.

While working at the famous Manna vegetarian restaurant in Primrose Hill, he helped them win Time Out’s “Best Vegetarian Meal” and the Vegetarian Society’s “Vegetarian Restaurant of the Year”. One of his dishes even received a special mention at the awards ceremony. He has appeared on “Good Food Live” Vegetarian week special.

Other establishments recognised his talent and approached him to assist in opening their kitchens. These included the regenerated Roundhouse in Camden Town and consultancy work for Heather Mill’s V-Bites in Brighton.

Sean Paul is now a personal chef to Meg Matthews, James Brown, Mick Jones, David Bedella, Serena Rees and Kate Moss amongst others.